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1How do I buy points & stars?
Very simple. Through the star button in the top corner of the screen, a shopping page will open for you and you can buy as many stars as you need. You can also go to this page to purchase via the Stars option at the bottom menu of the home page.
2How can i search hashtags in captions?
In the menu at the bottom of the page, select the search option, and in the opened page, enter the tag you want, and then search. The following is a list of captions that contain the tag you want.
3How do I submit captions?
At the moment, it is not possible for users to send us their captions, but in future updates, we will provide this feature to users.
4How do I flag an inappropriate/offensive caption?
All captions have been reviewed by our experts and there is no need to worry. But if you feel that copying is not in accordance with the rules and regulations, you can share the problem with us through the contact form on this page so that it can be followed up quickly.
5What is Trendings?
This section contains hashtags that have become popular around the world in recent times. You can use these hashtags to make your posts and posts more visible.
6I bought the stars but it was not added to my account.
There is no worry. Send your purchase information to our experts through this contact form so that your account can be charged quickly.

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